Why Juju and Charmed Operators?

Juju and Charmed Operators

The Juju Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) is a hybrid-cloud application management and orchestration system for installation and day 2 operations. It helps deploy, configure, scale, integrate, maintain, and manage Kubernetes native, container-native and VM-native applications—and the relations between them.

A charmed operator (also known, more simply, as a “charm”) encapsulates a single application and all the code and know-how it takes to operate it, such as how to combine and work with other related applications or how to upgrade it. Charms are programmed to understand a single application, its operations, and its potential to communicate or integrate with other applications. A charm defines and enables the channels by which applications connect.

Cloud vendor agnostic

The instructions cover the deployment of FINOS Legend charmed operators on a host PC along with a locally deployed Gitlab instance. However these charms can be deployed on any cloud and should be able to use any Gitlab instance with requisite permissions.

Multi-hybrid cloud

The Legend applications stack was deployed as a bundle in the same cloud. Juju allows, however, for you to deploy each application on a different cloud and then integrate the stack across your estate.

Offline installation

We assume your host had a functioning Internet connection. However it is also possible to deploy charmed operators offline.