Why deploying bionic,it should be focal

i deployed fellow 《https://docs.openstack.org/project-deploy-guide/charm-deployment-guide/latest/index.html》,and the machines should deploy ubuntu 20.04,but actually is deploying ubuntu 18.04.

Machine State DNS Inst id Series AZ Message
0 pending node3 bionic default Deploying: Installing OS
0/lxd/0 pending pending focal
0/lxd/1 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/2 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/3 pending pending bionic
1 pending node1 bionic default Deploying: Loading ephemeral
1/lxd/0 pending pending focal
1/lxd/1 pending pending bionic
1/lxd/2 pending pending bionic
1/lxd/3 pending pending bionic
1/lxd/4 pending pending bionic
1/lxd/5 pending pending bionic
2 down pending bionic unexpected: ServerError: 400 Bad Request ({“hwe_kernel”: [“bionic has no kernels available which meet min_hwe_kernel(ga-20.04).”]})
2/lxd/0 pending pending focal
2/lxd/1 pending pending bionic
2/lxd/2 pending pending bionic
2/lxd/3 pending pending bionic
3 down pending bionic unexpected: ServerError: 400 Bad Request ({“hwe_kernel”: [“bionic has no kernels available which meet min_hwe_kernel(ga-20.04).”]})
3/lxd/0 pending pending bionic
3/lxd/1 pending pending bionic
3/lxd/2 pending pending bionic
3/lxd/3 pending pending bionic
3/lxd/4 pending pending bionic

how can i deploying it focal?

thx a lot

Can you confirm what you did to install openstack from the referenced link?
Did you install Openstack from a bundle?

I did not install openstack from a bundle.
I install openstack step by step follow https://docs.openstack.org/project-deploy-guide/charm-deployment-guide/latest/install-openstack.html

I deployed as u said fellow install Openstack from a bundle,and juju status:

And I initialize Vault fellow Appendix C: Vault

“‘certificates’ awaiting server certificate data” ?

The bundle likely does not have auto-generate-root-ca-cert set to true for vault which means you’ll have to run the following on the leader after initializing/unsealing:

juju run-action --wait vault/leader ‘generate-root-ca’

Reference: https://jaas.ai/vault#charm-config-auto-generate-root-ca-cert

Also, I’m going to make a guess that your initial deployment was bionic because bionic is the default series in ‘juju model-config’. the use of a bundle allows for overriding this for those charms described in the bundle, but you’ll still want to ensure your default-series is set to focal for the resultant deployment or else any newly deployed charms in that model may deploy bionic versions.

thank u a lot.
I deployed as u said ,vault is ok.

by the way, the juju node is also bionic 。

The default series for juju 2.8 is bionic, since focal did not have its .1 release at the time that 2.8.0 was released. Juju 2.9 will default to focal.



I config openstack follow Configure OpenStack

now 1st question is :
vim Project1-rc
export OS_AUTH_URL=
export OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME=Domain1
export OS_USERNAME=User1
export OS_PROJECT_NAME=Project1
export OS_PASSWORD=asdfghjkl

source Project1-rc

why cinder service-list output like up ?

the 2nd question is

why “Console is currently unavailable.”?

thank u!