Where is JAAS's GUI?

I tried juju deploying the GUI webapp … and I think I got some older version of it

I believe the version running live on JAAS is v 2.x , correct? Is it possible to deploy that tool instead of the older one? will this be deprecated at some point

We have deprecated the Juju GUI project sometime ago. This has been replaced with the juju dashboard. You can find information about the new juju dashboard here: https://juju.is/docs/olm/accessing-the-dashboard.

Also, some usage documentation: https://juju.is/docs/olm/the-juju-dashboard.

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Thanks again @anthonydillon , I’ve now successfully gotten into the dashboard running on LXD.

It’s behind a NAT’d LXD bridge so I had to perform a port forward for the host… but this host is also running a service called Tailscale (wireguard VPN mesh) …

I access the dashboard then from a DNS entry provided to me via Tailscale (https://mygreatservice) … but it appears to not play nicely with the TLS of the dashboard

is the best option to …

  1. manually replace the certs with my own
  2. put this behind an NGINX container (basically forward it from a place where I have proper certs already?) then retry accessing via my fqdn provided by tailscale (mygreatservice.some-subdomain.ts.net)



Citations :


https://tailscale.com/blog/tls-certs/ - this is the step I took to get my certs… perhaps I just replace the Juju provided ones with these and warnings will go away?