When scrolling down header buttons become inoperable

Scrolling down on any page disables the header buttons from functioning. Interestingly, the tripple-bar menu and search icons are clickable, as well as the “Discourse” link on the header, but nothing under the menu icon works.

Not sure if this applies to solely the Juju discourse or all Canonical hosted Discourse pages.

Chrome version 84.0.4147.135 installed via the snap

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Scroll the page down from the top until the header transitions.
  2. Click on any button such as “Login”

Expected result:
The click is registered and you navigate to the selected page.

Actual result:
The button does not highlight and the click is not registered.

Thanks for pointing this out, I’ve filed an issue in the repo and pinged the appropriate people.

Thank you Jeff! As a follow up, putting a link to the bug tracker in the meta section here (or anywhere on the discourse page like we do at the bottom of canonical.com) would be awesome. But maybe I should open an issue for that issue separately :wink:

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All fixed! Thanks again.

Sorry, we released a major overhaul of the discourse theme today and we may hit a few issues. Thanks for letting us know.