Whats the best way to get started with Juju with 2 local nodes and 1 cloud node?

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Juju and I want to try it. I have 2 Desktop PCs which I would like to use as servers (both i7; 8GBs RAM; 500GB SSD) at home and a Cloud VPS I would like to use.

Currently, I use the VPS for Vaultwarden via docker, but it isn’t a good production environment, since I installed it half a year ago for testing but now I have everything there + friends.

I first wanted to set up a K8S cluster, but somehow I found out about Juju and it sounds perfect. My plan is to set up an environment with a production Vaultwarden and some other services like web service, … but Vaultwarden is the most important currently.

  1. How do I install this environment? Do I just have to install Ubuntu directly on these machines and then install and configure Juju, or should I run them as VMs on Proxmox or similar?
  2. Would you recommend using the VPS as an always running controller and for monitoring, … so I can shut down the local servers when I don’t need them at the moment? Like I don’t need the local web server and a testing instance for Vaultwarden always/ at night. Also, in holidays I’d like to only have the VPS running with Vaultwarden and some other important stuff I need available but the rest ist just for testing, …
  3. What about backups? Especially for Vaultwarden; what’s the best way to manage these? Just with rsync or is there a better way?

Furthermore, if you have other recommendations or tips, feel free to share.