What's new in Charmcraft (2022w13)


Here are the Charmcraft news for the next couple of weeks.

We changed the planning on the “fast track” to inject changes in previously built .charm file when only Python sources changed. We dropped the idea of something “quick and dirty” that could be potentially wrong, and we’ll be adding proper support for the functionality in the Craft Parts library so we can have something fast and secure in Charmcraft.

Beyond that, we will be releasing 1.6 in about two weeks, including these already mentioned improvements and more fixes:

  • The help messages still mentions the deprecated build command (related issue)

  • The pack command fails trying to include a non-existing charm/src/.tox/ (related issue)

  • Charmcraft prompts to install multipass on Windows but does not wait (related issue)

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I just want to express my gratitude to Juju and the Charmcraft tool for continuing to support my stupid bash-only charms after all this time. As a hacker-data-whatever person… I don’t want to fiddle with infra … and need to focus on the data. And only Juju let’s me really just focus on the tasks at hand speaking linux. Cheers

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