What would YOU like to learn? Vote!

I’m so impressed about what people are doing in relation to juju out there. Through our community sessions, I have got to learn so many great things from experts in many fields of work.

The most rewarding sessions are when people present their own challenges and get feedback and support by the community. The best sessions are those not very polished, but rather leave lot of room for input and interaction.

The Juju community is full of expertise - in many diverse areas. Not only ops and code, but in business, documentation, design and strategy. Everyone is a master at something.

I find great inspiration from this and would love to hear what YOU would like to learn during a future community session.

So, put your wish for a topic in this tread and vote for the ones you like. I will try chase it down together with you and organize a session down the road.

The comments with most likes/hearts win!