Welcome new charmer Cory Dodt

We at Omnivector are excited to announce a new addition to our team.

Community, please welcome @corydodt.

Cory is new to charming but has been building things with python since the early python 1.x days. He will be helping us on various engineering fronts including the building/maintaining of charms.

@corydodt feel free to reach out here if you have any questions, comments or concerns as you go through things.

Thank you, and happy charming!


Hello @corydodt! Am very keen to hear the ‘fresh eyes’ perspective on the Python Operator Framework docs and API design - how does it feel to be learning to charm from scratch with the current working materials. Feedback welcome!

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Thanks @sabdfl! Looking forward to building really powerful things with this tech!


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Welcome, fellow Cory! Always happy to help in case you run into any issues, so feel free to ping me any time.

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welcome @corydodt! as you dig in, don’t hesitate to ask us questions or propose ideas. we’re excited to help you hit the ground running and seeing what kind of powerful things are in store :slight_smile:

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