Using openstack volumes for machines instead of root disk

Hey there,
I want to deploy kubernetes on a private openstack. Is there an option to use disk space from volumes instead of root disk on deloyment?

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There are multiple ways to reach this goal depending on your requirements:

  1. You want to selectively have Juju create instances that boot from volume
    a) Make sure you have Juju 2.6.4 or newer installed
    b) Use root-disk-source=volume and root-disk=SIZE constraints. For reference take a look at this bug report and PR

  2. You have access to underlying cloud configuration, backing store for block devices is Ceph and you want all instances in your cloud to use Ceph block devices as instance storage
    a) Make sure there is a ceph-access relation between nova-compute and cinder-ceph. Take a look at the openstack-base bundle for reference.
    b) Update the libvirt-image-backend configuration option for nova-compute charm to read rbd


hi, what if I have multiple ceph pools for example SAS and SSD and I want to build VM using these pools? thank you