Using juju to provision charmed-k8s across maas, lxd clouds

I have a handful of servers that fall into two categories - management/control plane, and compute. I seek to deploy charmed-kubernetes, such that the control plane elements land on the management servers and the workers land on compute. Easy enough, I set constraints by tags and I get what is expected.

However, each k8s control plane application is consuming an entire server. What I’d like to do is deploy the control plane elements to lxd atop the management servers.

Since this is two clouds (mass, lxd) from juju’s perspective, is this even possible?

If not possible, what is a good approach to intelligent use of the management systems? I’ve tried making them KVM hosts in maas, and I just end up with a pile of VMs on one machine - nothing gets distributed, at least not automatically.

tia Greg