Upgrading Ceph

Hello, I want to upgrade my openstack cloud (juju status attached), this will be the first time I do it, I have never upgraded openstack before, so I want to be extra careful.

I read the following documents, it seams the first thing I have to upgrade is ceph-mon . but there are some differences in the documents one say that I only have to change the channel with

juju config ceph-mon source=cloud:bionic-rocky

an the other say that i first need to set require-osd-release, in order to dont render the cluster inoperable.

I would really appreciate some help and experience here, since I don’t want to do some regrettable mistakes.


juju status:

Can you pastebin the output to juju status?


juju status:

You are running Focal Xena and will need to perform an OpenStack upgrade to Focal Yoga.

You are using Juju 2.9 with legacy charms (not using channels).

General procedure:

  1. upgrade your charms
  2. upgrade OpenStack

Did you upgrade your charms yet?

The starting point in terms of documentation is here:


I haven upgrade the charms yet

After upgrading the charms will they be using channels?

No, that’s a separate operation.

but first i have to upgrade?

does my cloud comply with the requirements in the guide?

Only compute and storage charms (and their subordinates) are co-located.

Third-party charms either do not exist or have been thoroughly tested for all three upgrade types.

The following services run in LXD containers:

    all API applications

    the database application (percona-cluster or mysql-innodb-cluster)

    the rabbitmq-server application

    the ceph-mon application

All applications, where possible, are under high availability, whether natively (e.g. ceph-mon, rabbitmq-server) or via hacluster (e.g. keystone).

Switching to channel charms implies a charm upgrade so both aspects can be done in one step. This is what I recommend and the procedure is described in All charms: migration to channels. There is no order stated on that page but I would use the order given in the normal Charms upgrade page. So after upgrading the Juju pieces (as described in the first page) the first charm, in your case (running Xena), will be:

juju refresh --switch ch:mysql-innodb-cluster --channel 8.0/stable mysql-innodb-cluster

Go through all the principal charms one by one, stopping to look for any errors in juju status output. Then the subordinate charms. Again, this is described in the documentation.

None of this upgrades the underlying payload (cloud services). You are upgrading charm software and changing to channel type charms. The latter is necessary in order to upgrade to OpenStack Yoga as the legacy charms only support up to Xena.

should I first perform an apt update?

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

Before doing anything else, can you please pastebin the output to:

juju export-bundle

here is the output for

juju export-bundle

It’s not necessary.

Just upgrade your Juju 2.9 pieces to the latest 2.9.x versions before switching the charms over.