Updated Juju Release Schedule

Hi everyone!

Juju wants to encourage people to keep their infrastructure as healthy and up-to-date as possible. We want people to feel that they are supported, but also encouraged to continually access improvements that the Juju team is releasing.

Starting with Juju 3.3, our minor releases (the ‘x’ of 3.x) will be supported with bug fixes for a period of 6 months from their release date, and a further 3 months of security and critical fixes.

We will release a new minor version every 3 months, providing a regular cadence of incremental improvement every three months. Releases will happen on the last Thursday of January, April, July, and October of every year.

When we release a new major version, for example Juju 4.0, the last minor version of the previous release will become an “LTS” release, and receive security fixes for 5 years.

Juju 3.4.0 will be the first to be released under this new schedule at the end of January 2024. Juju 3.5.0 will follow on the last Thursday of April, and will become the next Juju LTS. Juju 3.5.0 will receive 6 months of bugfix support as normal, and then go into 5 years of security maintenance.

There are two specific exceptions to the general rule:

  • In recognition of our earlier commitment to a longer support period for 3.1, we will extend support of 3.1 for security only patches (for high/critical security issues) until April 2024.
  • We will release 4.0 Beta in July 2024. This will be functionally usable, but without all of the polish that we want to have for a final 4.0 release.

This will be formalised and added to the Juju docs over the coming week, and I’ll comment back here with a link.

Many thanks!