Update to imatrix

Hi there! The latest addition to jhack, imatrix, has just received a round of updates.

  • Support for peer relations in view: jhack imatrix view -p will fill the diagonal of the matrix with peer relation name and interface information. Just for completeness.


  • Support for multiple relations on an endpoint: imatrix used to basically ignore the endpoint name and focus on the interface. It asked: can this charm relate to this other charm via ? Therefore, it ignored (or panicked) whenever two charms had more than one (possible) relation using the same interface. Now that’s a thing of the past: each entry in the table will display not only the interface (and the number of relations using it), but a full list of provider_endpoint --> [interface] --> requirer_endpoint triplets.

For example:

This tells us that traefik:ingress-per-unit can be bound (and is currently related!) to prometheus:ingress using the shared ingress_per_unit interface. The red entry tells us that there is one more available relation, but that’s currently inactive.

imatrix view with cos-lite:

Have fun!