Update bigtop version

Hey @kwmonroe

We’re plan to start building Edge bigtop charms soon.

Whats the deal with pushing them to the charmstore to test. I don’t believe anyone at Spicule has write privs to ~bigdata-charmers. Do we push there or push to ~spiculecharms to get testing?




I added ~spiculecharms to the ~bigdata-charmers team so once that’s accepted, your team should have access to maintain all of that groups charms.

Thanks @cory_fu

Any chance I could get commit rights on https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-apache-bigtop-base ?
If not, who watches it to ping to get PR’s merged as I have the version bump and some metrics stuff in bound shortly.

Of course. You should have an invite link for the repo. I’m happy to be pinged for reviews if you want eyeballs, or of course there’s @kwmonroe or @kos.tsakalozos, but you should now have access to land PRs. Let me know if you want anyone else from your team added on as well.