Upcoming Event: Ubuntu Masters Conference, 30 June 2020

In the spirit of open source, we created the Ubuntu Masters Conference aiming to bring the engineering community together, to share innovative ideas for solving industry-wide challenges.

On June 30th, the Ubuntu Masters community expands as we welcome new speakers to our virtual event. Join them to hear how they are implementing the latest technology advancements in their professional environments.

You can register for any and all keynotes. These technical deep-dive sessions include:

  • Domotz - Streamlined provisioning of IoT devices: creating a reliable management platform
  • Plus One Robotics - The open (source) road to smarter robots: supplementing AI with Human Intelligence
  • Scania - Mastering Multicloud with SLURM and Juju

For the Juju community, the Scania presentation will be particularly relevant:

Erik Lönroth has been technical manager for HPC data centres for about a decade now and will share his knowledge within the field with you here. During the session, he will go through the various components of an HPC cluster and how he utilises Juju and SLURM to achieve a flexible setup in multiple clouds. He will also be available for an open discussion around the rationale and values that comes out of his approach.

Register now

You will also be able to interact directly with the speakers, and access hands-on resources to help you achieve your own technology goals.

Learn more by visiting the event’s webpage. Join the Ubuntu Masters telegram channel to speak with Ubuntu product managers, engineers, and other attendees.

We hope to see you there!


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