Unable to ssh into VM instances in openstack

Hi, We successfully installed openstack charms on 4 compute VM nodes and one Juju controller VM node. We added 3 baremetal servers to nova-compute.

We created a VM instance, but we are not able to ssh into that VM. Error occurred is No route to host . We are able to login to VM via console on Horizon dashboard.

Link followed: Openstack

Have attached screenshots showing the instance created, the fixed ip and floating IP assigned to the instance, the security rules allowing ssh and ICMP, key pair generated and the error we get when we try ssh-ing into the instance using the generated key .

We made sure that the public subnet used in openstack was part of the subnet managed by MAAS and the allocation pool addresses have been reserved under MAAS. Have attached screenshots showing the same.

When we logged into the VM using the console, we noticed that we were able to ping the other instances that we had created in the same project. Also, the newly created instance doesn’t have internet access.

Can you please help us identify what is wrong here?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi. Can you provide a link to a pastebin of the juju status output for the model?

The guide you followed has you create an OVS bridge in MAAS on each node. What bridge name did you use (the guide suggests br-ex) and what interface did you use for each node’s bridge?

Also, what is the output to:

juju config ovn-chassis ovn-bridge-mappings
juju config ovn-chassis bridge-interface-mappings