Unable to launch an OpenStack instance

Hey everyone,

I’m currently trying to deploy a single-node OpenStack instance based on this tutorial (MicroStack - Single-node quickstart), but I keep failing at the “Launch a VM” step. After running sunbeam launch ubuntu --name test all I get is:

Launching an OpenStack instance ...
Found sunbeam key in OpenStack!
⠋ Creating the OpenStack instance ... Instance creation request failed: Server:25a44608-a6e5-4821-898d-796df32cb335 transitioned to failure state ERROR
Error: Unable to request new instance. Please run `sunbeam configure` first.

The error suggest I run sunbeam configure first, which I did. Any help would be appreciated.

First step would be to run “openstack server list” and “openstack server show” on the server and see what the reported error is.

Sometimes that error is directly helpful and other times not, in which case, you may need to further look at the logs of the nova controller to understand the cause of the error.