Unable to deploy Openstack with bundle.yaml


I am new to OpenStack. While trying to deploy openstack with bundled deployment, my deployment is stuck as all the machines have a status “Pending”.

I am using a virtualized set up for the deployment with my VMs residing in V-Cloud Director. I am manually booting the VMs as per the requirements.

1x MAAS, 1x Juju Controller, 4x Nodes all with recommended configuration as per OpenStack-charms deployment guide. 2 NICS and bundle.yaml configured accordingly.

Juju controller has successfully bootstrapped and I can see my nodes deployed in the MAAS gui.

Cant find anything useful in juju debug logs which can be found here .


My bundle.yaml can be found here

Any help would be much appreciated.

I suggest looking at the LXD logs on one of the hosts as well as the MAAS server logs. Something is preventing containers from being provisioned.

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Hi Peter,

I checked the lxd logs of the machine “node2” that can be found here the containers are started.

I also checked the lxd logs for one of the containers

The containers are running and have been alloted DHCP IPs which are not visible in juju status.

The machine state is still “pending”.

Kindly help.

I would look at /var/log/cloud-init-output.log and /var/log/juju/machine*.log.

My guess is that something about how these containers are being provisioned is preventing them from reaching the Juju controller.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the insight.

I checked the machine-0.log which I uploaded here.

I can see that that the containers are started.

I checked the cloud-init-output.log which I uploaded here.

Machine 0 has been successfully deployed and started.

However, when my juju controller was on focal, I could start only 1 machine in the model, and the rest all were stuck to a “pending” state. But after deploying the controller with bionic all my machines are starting but the same issue occurs with containers.

Kindly help.