Unable to create a VM instance in Open Stack Charms

Hi, We have successfully installed and configured openstack charms. (Link followed : Openstack deployment guide)

Please find the attached screenshots showing all the services in active-idle state.

Setup details: Openstack charms is installed on 4 VMs. Services are distributed as mentioned in the link above. Juju controller is hosted on another VM. All these VMs are under MAAS.

We are facing 2 issues now,

  1. When we try to create a VM instance its giving out an error. OS Image used is a Ubuntu 22.04 (.iso) desktop version.

Error: Failed to perform requested operation on instance “vm2”, the instance has an error status: Please try again later [Error: Exceeded maximum number of retries. Exceeded max scheduling attempts 3 for instance 6118cc4d-f2d3-4d59-91e2-cf69b197d301. Last exception: unsupported configuration: Emulator ‘/usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64’ does not support virt type ‘kvm’].

  1. "openstack host list ​ " still shows only the compute nodes on which nova-compute has been deployed. Have attached a screenshot showing the same. Under MAAS, we have two baremetal servers commissioned and in “Ready” state. How do we get the nova-cloud-controller to discover these baremetal servers in “Ready” state? From openstack-yoga documentation, we saw that there is a configuration variable in /etc/nova/nova.conf


which is to be set for the nova-scheduler to autodiscover other hosts. How do we do this via openstack-charms deployment?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Your install looks good. Are you saying the nova-compute hosts are actually VMs with LXDs on them and you want to create a VM inside a VM? If so you need to research Nested Virtualization. You can also just load a cloud image for your Instances instead of using an ISO. For your baremetel servers, if they are recruited into MAAS you should be able to do a juju add-unit , < juju add-unit nova-compute --to newserver.maas >

Hi Thanks for the reply. We did add the baremetal servers using juju add-unit. We were wondering if there is any auto discovery option, so that openstack can add these servers automatically, rather than adding manually.

Hi. I don’t think a desktop image will work. Use a server image instead.

You want to use a cloud image, not an ISO file.