Trouble using charm hub


I am trying to publish some charms to charmhub and seem to be able to make a “release” using charmcraft, but can’t figure out how to view the charm in charmhub, or access the charm or do anything with it after I publish it. I intend to maintain some private charms that can be used by others in my organization.

Is charmhub ready for this yet?

Where can I find information about permissions control and maintaining charms using charmcraft/charmhub?

Where can I find the commands to deploy from charmhub and is there a specific version of juju I need to use?



Hello @jesse1517. Thank you for the question!

Currently, charmcraft is pointed at the CharmHub staging servers. This will change in the very near future, though support for private charms is still some way out, and will not be part of the initial release of CharmHub + Juju 2.9.

If you have a controller that you’ve bootstrapped with the 2.9 release candidate, you may be able to do the following:

juju add-model <model-name> --config charm-hub-url=""

As long as you’re working with that model, you should be able to do juju find and juju deploy on the test charms that you’ve published. If you run into issues, they may be resolved by Juju 2.9rc4, which is available in the 2.9/edge channel of the snap – it should be in the --candidate channel soon.

We’re working as quickly as we can to finish the work that we still need to do here, and to thoroughly document everything. Watch this space for updates. And we’ll be happy to answer any questions in the meantime!

~ PeteVG

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Hey @petevg,
Thanks for the response, did not know I needed to use juju 2.9.

looking forward to updates about it!