Transfer ownership of the discourse-k8s charm


Could you please transfer the ownership of discourse-k8s to me, Arturo Enrique Seijas Fernández in Launchpad.

Also, can we make the following team contributors: Canonical IS DevOps in Launchpad

Thanks, Arturo

Transfer discourse-k8s to arturo-seijas
{'ok': True}
Add ['canonical-is-devops'] to collaborate on discourse-k8s
Adding collabs ['1zj07ktKKCWBqeQowI7F3AGhEISEk6nG'] to charm 40GyibqDE9fwtHzhbCfYzIIdbmSKSJQJ owned by qWKH0aEsWvwQWzL8NASePme8CwUNV8eV
<Response [204]>


  • Daniel