Transfer of ownership of spark-k8s-bundle


I have recently created a new charm for a bundle for Spark (name is spark-k8s-bundle). I have registered the bundle on charmhub and released the first version.

However, to keep consistency with the other charm in the ecosystem (e.g. Spark History Server) I would like to request:

  1. The charm to be transferred to “Canonical Data Platform” account
  2. To enable 3.4 tracks

Also, I would like to notify although the charm is correctly shown by a charmcraft status spark-k8s-bundle command, the web UI returns a 404 error.

Please do not hesitate to get back to me should you require any further information

Thanks Enrico


I’ve completed the transfer and created the 3.4 track for you. I’ve also notified the team about the 404 issue and someone’s looking into it. I will let you know once we have more info about this.



Hi, deusebio!

I also can’t see spark-k8s-bundle on web UI. Maybe it’s because it’s not published?

$ charmcraft status spark-k8s-bundle
Store operation failed:
- permission-required: No publisher or collaborator permission for the spark-k8s-bundle charm package

Thanks a lot @drednout and @odysseus-k for the prompt response! much appreciated!

Actually when I use the status it works fine for me, e.g.

❯ charmcraft status spark-k8s-bundle                             
Track    Base    Channel    Version    Revision                                                                                       
latest   -       stable     -          -                                                                                              
                 candidate  -          -                                                                                              
                 beta       -          -                                                                                              
                 edge       1          1                                                                                              
3.4      -       stable     -          -                                                                                              
                 candidate  -          -                                                                                              
                 beta       -          -                                                                                              
                 edge       -          -        

I think the issue with the 404 might be that your metadata contains a docs topic that doesn’t exist. We’re working on a fix to ignore missing discourse topics, but for now, you could try removing this key from your metadata.

I checked but it seems that the link of the docs here does indeed exist.

But let me give it a shot to remove it anyway

Nope. I have removed the docs: ... field, re-packed, uploaded and published. But the issue seems to still persist