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Charmed Traefik

traefik-k8s is a charm for Traefik. It is an essential part of the COS Lite bundle.

This Charmed Operator handles instantiation, scaling, configuration, and Day 2 operations specific to Traefik.

This operator drives the Traefik application, and it can be composed with other operators to deliver a complex application or service.

The charm offers different kinds of ingress:

  • Ingress per app. This is the typical use case. The related app has only one ingress url, and traefik round-robins across units.
  • Ingress per unit. Each unit of the related app has its own ingress url.
  • Traefik route. This is a means to provide a fully custom ingress configuration to traefik.

This charm is:

  • part of the COS Lite bundle
  • intended to be used together with certificates provider over the tls-certificates interface


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2 deploy-cos-lite Deploy COS Lite on MicroK8s
2 tls-termination TLS termination using a local ca
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2 https-redir Force HTTPS redirect
2 gateway-address Troubleshooting “Gateway Address Unavailable”
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