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These tutorials cover ground from the Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager to creating a Charmed Operator with the SDK, packaging it as a Charm, publishing it to Charmhub, and to using charmed products such as Kubernetes, Cassandra, Kafka, and much much more.


Mapping table
Topic Path
How to self-host Nextcloud and Collabora on Ubuntu Server, both backed by HTTPS provided by Let's Encrypt /tutorials/deploy-nextcloud-and-collabora-on-ubuntu
Deploy, install and manage a high-availability PostgreSQL cluster on Ubuntu Server /tutorials/deploy-postgres-on-ubuntu-server
Deploy and configure a multi-node RabbitMQ cluster on Ubuntu Server /tutorials/deploy-rabbitmq-cluster-on-ubuntu-server
Get started with Charmed Kubernetes /tutorials/get-started-charmed-kubernetes
Using GitLab as a container registry for Kubernetes /tutorials/using-gitlab-as-a-container-registry
Streaming Data Analytics with Apache Hadoop /tutorials/streaming-hadoop-analysis
Ensuring security and isolation in Charmed Kubernetes with Kata Containers /tutorials/charmed-kubernetes-kata-containers
Get started with Hadoop Spark /tutorials/get-started-hadoop-spark
Install Kubeapps on your Kubernetes cluster /tutorials/kubeapps-on-canonical-kubernetes
Deploying StorageOS on Charmed Kubernetes /tutorials/deploying-storageos-on-kubernetes
Getting started with Charmed OSM /tutorials/charmed-osm-get-started
Set up remote Elasticsearch monitoring of an Elasticsearch cluster /tutorials/monitor-elasticsearch-with-elasticsearch-and-kibana
Publish your operator in Charmhub /tutorials/publish-on-charmhub
How to work with Resources in Charmcraft /tutorials/how-to-work-with-resources-in-charmcraft
How to work with Bundles in Charmcraft /tutorials/how-to-work-with-bundles-in-charmcraft
Your first Kubernetes operator /tutorials/build-a-minimal-operator
Add docs to your charm page /tutorials/add-docs-to-your-charmhub-page
How to write a tutorial /tutorials/how-to-write-a-tutorial
Document your library /tutorials/document-your-library
Document your library /tutorials/document-your-library
Deploy the LMA Light observability stack on MicroK8s /tutorials/lma-light


Mapping table
Path Location
/tutorials/rabbitmq /tutorials/deploy-rabbitmq-cluster-on-ubuntu-server
/tutorials/postgres /tutorials/deploy-postgres-on-ubuntu-server
/tutorials/postgresql /tutorials/deploy-postgres-on-ubuntu-server
/tutorials/add-documentation-to-your-charm /tutorials/add-docs-to-your-charmhub-page
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Great to have some tutorials going up! I did notice that the tutorials say “about 0 minutes to go” on all of the steps, which might be something we want to fix:


Thanks for mentioning this. Something must be a little bit broken with the markdown, as the timeline is working for the Charmed Kubernetes tutorial (thankfully).

I will go and have a look at the others.