The Juju Terraform provider v0.11.0 was released!

The Juju team is happy to announce that the Juju Terraform provider v0.11.0 was released on 18 March 2024!

Thanks to all the contributors including @alesstimec @amandahla and @gboutry.

Update the provider version:

terraform {
  required_providers {
    juju = {
      source  = "juju/juju"
      version = "~=0.11.0"




  • This release requires juju controller version 2.9.47 or later juju.
  • This release uses juju client api code from the juju 3.3.0 release.


  • Add resource revisions for juju_application. This is similar to juju deploy <charm> --resource <name>:# and juju attach-resource <application> <name>:#. By @alesstimec in #427
  • Add kvm and/or lxd machines via the juju_machine resource. This is similar to juju add-machine lxd and juju add-machine kvm:0commands. By @amandahla in #378
  • Use the DeployFromRevision API endpoint from juju for application deployments with juju 3.3+. By @hmlanigan in #409
  • Add space support for the juju_application resources. You can now specify endpoint bindings for applications. This is similar to juju deploy --bind and juju bind commands. By @gboutry in #418


  • Fix upgrade charm revision for application resources by @hmlanigan in #414
  • Fixes Config/Revision update ordering. by @anvial in #407
  • Adds error check to ReadModel function by @anvial in #416
  • Add info about plangenerator to README. by @anvial in #429
  • Update retry to improve machine placement on read and introduce internal/juju unit tests with mocking by @hmlanigan in #433