The Juju Terraform provider v0.10.0 was released!

The Juju team is happy to announce that the Juju Terraform provider v0.10.0 was released on 26 October 2023!!!

Thanks to all the contributors!!!

Update the provider version:

terraform {
  required_providers {
    juju = {
      source  = "juju/juju"
      version = "~=0.10.0"



  • ** Add base support for machines and applications**: Resources:juju_application and juju_machine now support bases. A base is an alternative way to specify which operating system and version a charm or machine should be deployed with. For example ubuntu@22.04 .


  • Use of series in juju_application and juju_machine resources has been deprecated.


  • Use of the 2.9.45 code base for juju API calls.
  • There is now a github action to use a loadbalancer as a tunnel to juju controller on k8s.


  • Gracefully fail to deploy a bundle @hmlanigan in #318
  • Fix remove (cmr) integration with multiple consumers by @hemanthnakkina in #308
  • Update charm resources if necessary when updating a charm by @cderici in #326
  • Application resource plans hitting RequiresReplace can fail with "application already exists ANDApplication resource plans can fail with “Charm Already Exists”, if another application has loaded that charm to the controller beforeby @hmlanigan in #329
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