Tempo charm ownership

Hi, I created some time ago the tempo-k8s charm and IIRC I registered it in charmhub, and was able to create-lib charms.tempo.v0.tempo_scrape with LIBID = "7b30b495435746acb645ca414898621f".

Now I need to create a second charms.tempo.v0.charm_tracing lib but I get:

❯ charmcraft create-lib charm_tracing                                                                         
Existing credentials no longer valid. Trying to log in...                                                                 Opening an authorization web page in your browser.
If it does not open, please open this URL:

craft-store error: Store operation failed:ng to log in...                                                                 
- permission-required: No publisher or collaborator permission for the tempo-k8s charm package                                                                                                            

Can someone please check what’s going on and assign me (back) publisher rights for tempo-k8s?

It seems @0x12b currently owns the tempo-k8s charm . If he’s OK with it I can add you as a collaborator.

  • Daniel

Thanks for checking, Daniel! Go ahead and add the observability team as owner and make all the team members collaborators :+1:

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Done, if @ppasotti is a member of observability he should now be able to do things.

  • Daniel