Switching default track for kafka, kafka-k8s, zookeeper, zookeeper-k8s


Could you please switch the default track for the following charms:

  • kafka
  • kafka-k8s
  • zookeeper
  • zookeeper-k8s

from latest/ to 3/?

Thank you! Enrico

Sure! All done.

  • Daniel

Many thanks Daniel.


The two charms on k8s

  • kafka-k8s
  • zookeeper-k8s

were swapped back to latest/ some time ago, since changing the default track had some consequences on the OSM deployments. However I have now synced with the OSM team (@mbeierl and @gruyaume1) who agreed to finalize the transition and confirmed that we can go ahead and finally set the default track for Kafka-k8s and zookeeper-k8s to 3/

Happy to provide any further information

Thanks Enrico


The default tracks have been updated as requested.

Set kafka-k8s default track to 3
{'num_default_tracks_updated': 1}

Set zookeeper-k8s default track to 3
{'num_default_tracks_updated': 1}



Many thanks @odysseus-k !



There might be an issue:

$ juju deploy kafka-k8s --channel=latest/stable

ERROR selecting releases: no charm or bundle matching channel or platform; suggestions: stable with focal, candidate with focal, beta with focal, edge with jammy, focal, 3/edge with jammy

$ juju deploy kafka-k8s --channel=latest/stable --series focal

ERROR resolving retry error: No revision was found in the Store.

$ juju deploy kafka-k8s --channel=latest/edge --series focal Located charm "kafka-k8s" in charm-hub, revision 39 ERROR listing resources for charm "ch:amd64/focal/kafka-k8s-39": No revision was found in the Store.

How do I deploy Kafka-k8s now?