Survey: Wanted OpenStack tutorials

Hi everybody, if you have any ideas for Charmed OpenStack tutorials you would like to see written please drop them in this thread.

:open_book: Definition:

A tutorial is a document that shows how to complete a specific objective. It does not explain how something works but simply shows step-by-step how to achieve the end goal.

Normally a tutorial is geared towards beginners and leads the reader from square one. In this OpenStack context however a pre-existing base cloud will be assumed (or at least the knowledge to create one). The intention is to create a collection of “things to do with a Charmed OpenStack cloud”. :cloud_with_lightning: :cloud_with_snow: :cloud_with_rain:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Matulis
Ubuntu OpenStack Developer Advocate


I’d like to see a tutorial up on how to replace a multiterrabyte ceph node as part of a maintenance activity.

I’d also like to have a “general tuning guide” taking you from a default installation to a more tuned version.


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Would love to see some “Day 2” operational guides such as:

  • How to add new Ceph RBD pools for OpenStack to use
  • How to customize / theme OpenStack Dashboard

I would like to see a tutorials on:

  • Multi subnet high availability (High availability using DNS - not pacemaker subordinate charms)

  • Designate Charm configuration

  • Octavia Charm configuration


I’d love to see some tutorials on :

  • how to add/remove compute node with/without ceph properly
  • recommended reference architectures for a Production ready MaaS/Juju/Charmed Openstack setup
  • workload migration between 2 clusters with rbd mirroring
  • more documentation on Masakari
  • backup procedures with cinder-backup and/or Trilio

So many more things I have in mind … :wink:


I want to see how deploy masakari manual.

And how get debug infomation.


+1 for masakari deployment and debug manuals.
+1 cinder-backups
+1 ceph manuals

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masakari use network space, please talk it clearly