Superset docs - Enabling Google Oauth

Enabling Google Oauth2

Username/password authentication is enabled by default using the admin user and the password set via the Superset configuration value admin-password.

To enable Google Oauth, you will need a Google project, you can create one here.

Obtain Oauth2 credentials

If you do not already have Oauth2 credentials set up then follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click + Create Credentials
  3. Select Oauth client ID
  4. Select application type (Web application)
  5. Name the application
  6. Add an Authorized redirect URI (https://<host>:8088/oauth-authorized/google)
  7. Create and download your client ID and client secret

Apply oauth configuration to Superset charm

Create a file oauth.yaml using the Oauth2 credentials you obtained from Google, as follows:

  google-client-id: "Your client id here"
  google-client-secret: "Your client secret here"
  oauth-domain: ""
  oauth-admin-email: ""

If you have given your charm deployment an alias this will replace superset-k8s in this file.

Note: please ensure that the email provided by oauth-admin-email is one you can authenticate with Google, as this will be your Admin account. Additionally ensure that this email domain matches the oauth-domain provided.

Apply these credentials to the Superset charm:

juju config superset-k8s --file=path/to/oauth.yaml

Self-registration and roles

By default, with Google Oauth, a Superset user account is automatically created following successful authentication. This user is provided the least privileged role of Public, this role can then be elevated in the UI or via API by an Admin user.

To change the role that is applied on self-registration, simply pass the role via the configuration parameter self-registration-role. Superset’s standard roles and their associated permissions can be found here.


Please see the Juju SDK documentation for more information about developing and improving charms and Contributing for developer guidance.


The Charmed Superset K8s Operator is free software, distributed under the Apache Software License, version 2.0. See License for more details.