Sunbeam provisions OpenStack but can't run any image


I’ve been trying to provision OpenStack cluster using Sunbeam, and, well it’s been a process. Currently everything (from what I can gather) is provisioned correctly, and the:

sunbeam configure --accept-defaults --openrc demo-openrc

executes without errors, but when I try to launch a test instance with:

sunbeam launch ubuntu -n test

I’m getting an error:

Instance creation request failed: HttpException: 500: Server Error for url:, Unexpected API Error. 
Error: Unable to request new instance. Please run `sunbeam configure` first.

I’ve been documenting my whole journey on YT with livestreams, my full steps can be retraced on VOD’s: LINK TO VOD

Has anyone encountered similar problem? I’ve set up 3 pristine, clean Ubuntu Server VM’s and I have the exact same error message every time

Hi @DCTekkie,

Thank you for taking the time to try sunbeam, and sorry that you hit this bug. We have a fix for it that we are testing at the moment. In the short term you can fix it by updating the glance entry in the keystone catalogue. Firstly get admin credentials for your cloud:

sunbeam openrc > adminrc

Then take a look at the public endpoint for glance:

openstack endpoint list --service glance --interface public -cID -cURL
| ID                               | URL                                 |
| d42e33dc8c9045f79e4a835d294810cf | |

You should see that there is no port in the url. Despite the fact that the service is listening on the default http port, the keystone client still relies on there being a port in the url (for glance). To fix this try the following: (obviously the IP address and UUID will be different for your deployment so you’ll need to change those):

openstack endpoint set --url d42e33dc8c9045f79e4a835d294810cf

Thanks again, and sorry you hit this issue.

Hey, thank you for the response! In short I was able to circumvent this by using the edge version when installing the snap openstack package

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@DCTekkie great to hear you managed to unblock by using the edge channel - this obviously carries a higher level or risk and represents the tip of development.

The candidate channel for the snap has a new stable release in it right now that contains a number of improvements to both speed for deployment and resolution of bugs + addition of some new features.

I’m working on the release of that to stable today :grinning:

Hello, I am having the same issue. Except, it is for version 2023.2. The error message is the following:

Instance creation request failed: Server:0b4885cb-9403-4a63-9065-785b867ea3ff transitioned to failure state ERROR Error: Unable to request new instance. Please run sunbeam configure first.

The main problem here is that the port is specified on the part of the solution provided for this problem.