Stopping juju, after a failed bootstrap (juju with Maas)

how do you stop juju from a failed bootstrap. when attempting to do a …juju bootstrap…

I get… this no matter, what I try to do

juanccaballero@Juans-MacBook-Pro ~ % juju bootstrap maas-cloud maas-controller
ERROR controller “maas-controller” already exists

juanccaballero@Juans-MacBook-Pro ~ % juju show-machine
ERROR no API addresses
juanccaballero@Juans-MacBook-Pro ~ % juju show-status
ERROR no API addresses
juanccaballero@Juans-MacBook-Pro ~ % juju status
ERROR no API addresses

thank you very much…

So if you have a bootstrap controller that failed to initialise and nothing will come up, I would first check that nothing has come up in the MAAS interface. If nothing in MAAS has been allocated then unregistering the controller from your local client will work.

juju unregister maas-controller

If you do have machines/pods running, then using the following might help (don’t run this on a production setup, tread carefully!):

juju kill-controller maas-controller
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