Services not running that should be: nova-compute

After a power outage I am having problem with some nodes, some compute nodes are down and I am unable bring them back up.

the current juju status of my cloud is: Ubuntu Pastebin The status of the compute services keep changing which is strange Ubuntu Pastebin

the status and log of the nova compute services are:

Usually just restating the services does the trick, but now is not working. I hope some one can help me

Regards Mario

I think the problem may be rabbit I have this unconsumed-queues: unconsumed-queue-count: “11” unconsumed-queues: “0”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “notifications.error”, “messages”: 0}’ “1”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “”, “messages”: 0}’ “2”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “compute.key-ox.maas”, “messages”: 14}’ “3”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “q-reports-plugin.juju-5025f7-5-lxd-3”, “messages”: 0}’ “4”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “”, “messages”: 147}’ “5”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “q-plugin.juju-5025f7-5-lxd-3”, “messages”: 0}’ “6”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “q-server-resource-versions.juju-5025f7-5-lxd-3”, “messages”: 0}’ “7”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “reply_71e4d6a465c04043b6f202c7386c9f54”, “messages”: 0}’ “8”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “q-metering-plugin.juju-5025f7-5-lxd-3”, “messages”: 0}’ “9”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “compute.clean-hog.maas”, “messages”: 3}’ “10”: ‘{“vhost”: “openstack”, “name”: “compute.calm-stag.maas”, “messages”: 1}’ status: completed timing: completed: 2024-02-07 02:37:49 +0000 UTC enqueued: 2024-02-07 02:37:47 +0000 UTC started: 2024-02-07 02:37:47 +0000 UTC

The problem was with RabbitMQ cluster is now solved