Request: Private Charms


This is a simple request to enable a flag to make charms private to the LP/org group and user. I notice many charms have a visibility “Public”, it would be super helpful to be able to make them private.

I undestand I can release a charm to candidate and then pull from this channel, but would much prefer an explicit private option.



All charmhub charms are public.

Not all charms are findable (don’t appear in search results) - a non-findable charm can only be used by people who know the name (but if someone has the name, there is no further restriction to charm usage).

Private charms have been requested multiple times by multiple people and they are in our backlog but not currently in our roadmap. This will also require coordination with Juju so it grows the notion of private charms and authentication in a way it currently does not support.

Unlike snaps, charms can easily be hosted locally, which somewhat mitigates the need for private charms.

  • Daniel