Request: new Charmhub category: High Performance Computing (HPC)


We maintain a set of charms for deploying an HPC cluster using Slurm (,,,, as well as the bundle But none of the current categories seem a good fit for these charms. We also have a new charming project that will be released soon, in the same category.

With this in mind, I’d like to request a new category for Charmhub: High Performance Computing (HPC).

Thank you,



@mcjaeger is the main curator of the charm collection, new categories would have to go through him, let’s see what he thinks :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

Hello, thanks for notifying me, please bear with me when I respond late, because I am on travel right now (kubecon). I had the topic pages in mind and was talking with @jonthor about it. Would a topic page be also a good fit? kr, Michael

A topic page would also be great! How can we contribute to that?

What are your ideas behind the HPC category?