Request: make ceph-dashboard findable


when searching for our ceph-dashboard charm I get 0 hits on even though the charm should be public.

FTR. I’ve seen it mentioned that for a charm to be searchable it would need a latest/stable release – however none of our (OpenStack Charmers team) charms e.g. ceph-mon or ceph-osd release to latest/stable and they show up in searches nevertheless (rationale is that it makes a poor user experience in our context fwiw)

Would you be able to shed some light on this?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out. I think Reviewing charms and should be able to shed some light on that. I was not yet sure whether this had been enabled yet, but @mcjaeger might be able to shed some light on that.

Best, Simon

Thanks, I’ve created a new topic from the provided form.

Hi Peter in general we would like list charms / make them searchable if the are at least “ready for publication” according to the link about charm maturity Simme has provided. Without looking into your review request I find the initial documentation on charmhub, the charm detail page not optimal, ref to:

Enable dashboard for Ceph
Enable the ceph dashboard on the ceph mon units

How about adding an information about getting started at least there?