Request: change ownership of the Ubuntu Advantage charm


Please change the ownership of the Ubuntu Advantage charm to the “Ubuntu Advantage Charmers” team.


This is referrring to Charmhub | Deploy Ubuntu Advantage using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection and Ubuntu Advantage Charmers in Launchpad just to be clear. Thanks.

This is done :slight_smile:

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@roadmr related to this, would it be possible to delete the not-fully-setup ubuntu pro charm? Just to confirm before you do though, that wouldn’t prevent someone from renaming ubuntu-advantage to ubuntu-pro at some point in the future, would it?

Ick, I really prefer not to delete charms.

If the end goal is to deprecate ubuntu-advantage in favor of ubuntu-pro, maybe you could start publishing charm builds under ubuntu-pro even if it’s the same charm, and eventually make ubuntu-advantage uninstallable and unlisted? So the question becomes how to migrate people currently on ubuntu-advantage to ubuntu-pro.

  • Daniel

@roadmr in that case can you simply transfer ubuntu-pro to be owned by “Ubuntu Advantage Charmers” as well?

Sure, it is done.

  • Daniel
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