Request change of ownership for CloudCasa charm

Hi. I’m Bob from Catalogic Software, the publisher of the CloudCasa charm. The original publishing user has left our company, so we would like the ownership of the charm changed to the catalogic team.

The URL for our charm is:


  • Bob

Hi, In order to do change to launchpad you would need to reach to the launchpad admins via

Regarding the charm ownership change, do you want to wait for the lp team bits to be sorted out before doing the trasnfer?


Hi @verterok. Thanks. Sorry for the confusion, but I’m still trying to figure this out myself. The “cloudcasa” link I provided before was not actually to a team, but to a user. I was able to create a new team for our organization with both the original publisher and myself as members. So now we’d like the ownership of the CloudCasa by Catalogic charm changed to the Catalogic Software (i.e. catalogic) team (Catalogic Software in Launchpad).

I’ll contact the Launchpad team as you suggested to handle cleanup there separately once this is done.


  • Bob

Hi. Any word on this request? I’ve edited my original post so that is now contains the correct information. Hopefully this will help eliminate any confusion.

FWIW @verterok I have worked with Nitish Sharma on the Cloudcasa charm, but he has left Catalogic some months ago.

Then, I continue to work with the colleagues from Catalogic, Bob, Vaibhav, on the charm. The charm looks good for making a new release and ask for a review - I have advised them to get also the publisher corrected before (which is “Nitish Sharma” at the moment).


Apologize for the delay on this, I missed the notification for this topic.

The transfer is done,


Many thanks!