Request: change default track for Anbox Cloud charms to 1.14


we would like to request the default track for the following Anbox Cloud charms to become 1.14. The stable channel is not yet provisioned but will be early next week.

The default track needs to be changed for the following charms and bundles:


  • ams
  • ams-node-controller
  • ams-load-balancer
  • aar
  • anbox-stream-gateway
  • anbox-stream-agent
  • coturn
  • anbox-cloud-governor
  • anbox-cloud-dashboard
  • ams-lxd


  • anbox-cloud
  • anbox-cloud-core

cc @roadmr


I’ve set up the default track for these charms. Note that default track functionality for charms is not thoroughly tested, so please let us or the Juju team know if anything doesn’t work as expected.

  • Daniel

Thanks @roadmr!

Will report on any issue we see.