Request: Add track 3.3.10 to Argo controller


Can we please add track 3.3.10 to Argo controller?

Thanks, Orfeas

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Could you elaborate a bit more why a track for a patch version is needed? Usually tracks are used for major (and in some cases for major.minor) versions, but having a track for a patch is something not common.


Hi @verterok,

We typically use a track per minor release, but we have ourselves in the awkward situation where our charm wrapping argo 3.3.x includes breaking changes and users should not do a straight refresh from the old 3.3.x charm to the new one. As a workaround we thought to charm the patch version for our most recent release.

Is there a better pattern we can follow for this?


Any other solution is probably too complex and potentially not-tested with other charms. I Just created the track