Request: Add tack to MongoDB charm


Please could you add the 3 tack from the charm-mongodb.


Hi, I’ve added the 3 track for mongodb.

  • Daniel

After a conversation with the data platform team, we agreed that track 3.6 will be used instead of 3. Can I ask you to create 3.6 and delete 3? I apologize for the trouble. Thanks Robert

Did you publish anything with the 3 track? If you did, I can’t delete it. Let me know.

3.6 is now created, regardless.

  • Daniel

Yes, I already published 3/edge. Is there way how we can remove it?

We closed the 3/edge so now it could be removed.


No, sorry - once something has been published to a track, it can’t be deleted.

The recommended thing to do is to close the track (which is what you did), but strictly speaking the track still exists. Just ignore it :slight_smile: If it’s closed nobody can see it.

  • Daniel
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