Request: Add 'finos-foundation' as contributor / publisher


The user finos-foundation needs to be added as a contributor / publisher to the following charms and bundle:


FINOS Legend is an opensource project currently maintained by the FINOS Foundation, and the username is finos-foundation. This user will be used to publish the charms / bundle mentioned above.

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Hi there,

The finos-foundation user does not exist. Please sign up using charmcraft so the user record gets created.

Next, I need this request to come from the current charm owner (Nashwan or Jon Seager). You wouldn’t want me to hand ownership of your house over to anyone who asks, without your consent, right? :slight_smile:

Finally (that’s for the current owner to decide) - is this intended to be a full ownership transfer (the charm will be owned by finos-foundation or a collaborator addition? (charm remains owned by the current owner but finos-foundation can upload and publish new builds). You said “contributor/publisher” but those are distinct concepts in Charmhub, so I need disambiguation here.


  • Daniel

+1 from me to add this user as contributor to all the charms & the bundle! :slight_smile:

I think transferring it such the FINOS Foundation shows up as the publisher is probably a good idea - the code now lives under their Github org either way! :slight_smile: That would leave finos-foundation as the owner/publisher, and the finos-charmers Launchpad group as a contributor :slight_smile:

This is perfect. Just let me know once finos-foundation exists and I’ll gladly do the transfer and addition of finos-charmers as collaborators.

  • Daniel

I spoke with @roadmr and we’re going to make the existing finos-charmers group the publisher of these charms for now. Thanks all!

This is done!

Transfer finos-legend-studio-k8s to finos-charmers
{'ok': True}
Transfer finos-legend-sdlc-k8s to finos-charmers
{'ok': True}
Transfer finos-legend-engine-k8s to finos-charmers
{'ok': True}
Transfer finos-legend-gitlab-integrator-k8s to finos-charmers
{'ok': True}
Transfer finos-legend-db-k8s to finos-charmers
{'ok': True}
Transfer finos-legend-bundle to finos-charmers
{'ok': True}
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Thanks @roadmr!