Request: add collaborator to traefik-k8s

Hi, could you please add me (Pietro Pasotti in Launchpad) as a collaborator to traefik-k8s (Deploy Traefik Ingress Operator for Kubernetes using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection)?

Done, here’s some mumbo jumbo to make me look important :slight_smile:

Add ['ppasotti'] to collaborate on traefik-k8s
Setting collabs for charm 9jjrT5C28rJhnK4yaGUEM51nQvWR26YG owned by 8sn7I2yshFnFvP1bqN8l2cQKTcjVgihJ to ['5LEjkDyO1zXrPs90vi0Sf7OBkgntRbAt']
{'ok': True}


Thanks @roadmr!