Releasing a Meltano + Postgres + Apache Superset bundle [Beta]

if anyone wants to try out meltano, apache-superset, and postgresql wired together… I’ve started a juju charm bundle of all 3 wired together

it’s very much for your testing out each of these and not meant for production… but I use it to avoid having to use something heavier like k8s so I can focus on the rest of my data stack and issues locally on a private cloud based on LXD

I am seeking to get more juju users by publishing these “starter-bundles” in certain data stack areas in hopes to 1) get feedback on my own charms and 2) increase awareness of Meltano, Superset, and Juju

The bash only charms “work” but… I am getting ever closer to wondering if it’s time to dive into either the python framework OR go all in on k8s charms…

The charms (individual)