Release 0.10.1

Charmcraft supports the development of operators using the Charmed Operator Framework. It enables developers to build, upload and release operators on Charmhub and collaboration through charm libraries.

This new release includes the following changes:

  • Enhanced charm template generated by ‘init’ to use the new sidecar-pattern

Use Charmcraft to:

We recommend the Charmed Operator Framework for charm development, but Charmcraft will help you publish charms written in any language. The Charmed Operator Framework enables the development of operators in a simple and straightforward way, using standard Python structures to allow for clean, maintainable, and reusable code.

Happy charming!


…and I just released 0.10.2 to beta channel, as there was a glitch in the snap built for 0.10.1 (the build command wasn’t working properly because of pip3 not finding a lib).

Note that 0.10.1 tarballs (in Github and PyPI) works just fine, as are not affected by that issue.

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Should this be “Upload your charms to Charmhub”? The heading on the page you’re linking to is “upload” and the command is charmcraft upload.

Bad copy/paste. Fixed. Thanks!