Registering a prometheus node exporter charm


We are developing a new Prometheus Node Exporter machine charm, using the Operator framework. We plan to maintain this charm in the long term and release the source in GitHub.

We want to register and publish in Charmhub, but the name is reserved:

$ charmcraft register prometheus-node-exporter
Store failure! Name 'prometheus-node-exporter' is reserved and requires manual approval [code: reserved-name] (full execution logs in '/home/h/snap/charmcraft/common/charmcraft-log-vpwsvzsl')

How should we proceed?

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Hi there, @heitor I can register this for you. What’s your username? charmcraft whoami will tell you.

  • Daniel

This has been registered to omnivector-solutions. You should be able to see it as yours if you do charmcraft names.

  • Daniel
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That’s awesome! Thank you, Daniel!

We will make an announcement post soon :smiley: