Redmine-operator docs - Features, Bugs, and Roadmap

This page is to detail the work for the redmine-operator charm.


  • backup action for copying the current sqlite3 db to another location
  • persistent storage in /srv/redmine (accessible via /var/lib/juju in the operator unit)


  • currently this is not tracked in a Launchpad project, so there’s no centralized location to report bugs. However, commenting on any of the discourse pages will sent a notification to the author. See the Future Work section below, as this is the next step for the project.
  • Currently only the SQLite3 backend is supported

Future Work

  • Create a Launchpad project for tracking milestones, bugs, merge requests, etc.
  • Add tox for standardized linting and testing
  • Improve unit testing
  • implement default backup location
  • add support for clustering (haproxy + apache/nginx)
  • add additional configuration options (PostgreSQL, log retention, etc.)
  • add hooks for relations (*-relation-joined, *-relation-changed, etc.)
  • add configuration options to persistent storage for better reliability/stability
  • identify and implement additional actions (hotswap storage?