reactive charm tags in charmhub


We are seeing these “reactive” notifications around our charms in charmhub.

The affected charms are:

I’m guessing we are missing some additional information in the metadata.yaml or something.

Any idea how I can rid these little “reactive” tags?

I’m unsure, but let me ping @roadmr and @toto to see if they know.

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These are currently entirely handled in the front-end. @toto will need to tweak this for you. There’s nothing you can change in your charm itself to modify the reactive badge.

  • Daniel
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I’ve notified the appropriate people and this should be resolved in the next little bit. :+1:

Hi @jamesbeedy,

I am working on removing it, could you also let us know for each one of these charms what functionality of the following list should be check?


Thank you.

  • Detailed documentation
  • Guaranteed getting started
  • Functional test suite
  • High availability

@jkfran can you give me any information about how I can set the “Relevant links” ?

Hey @jamesbeedy!

You should be able to set the homepage for your charm if you browse to

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Great! Thank you!

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