Question on getting started with K8s charms

Hi Juju community.

I have only ever used LXD and AWS for my controllers … and starting to need to use a k8s based charm… specifically

my question is… what is the best way to set this up for a noob… I see two options

installing microk8s - MicroK8s - MicroK8s documentation - home

installing charmed k8s - Installing Charmed Kubernetes | Ubuntu

My question is mostly about ease of use switching controllers or models… If I pick microk8s or charmed k8s… is one going to be easier to use? It sounds sort of strange to … use LXD charmed k8s… to then install on top of that more charms (spark) … please advise and thank you

it seems this charm

is no longer up-to-date… and does local execution… instead of k8s backed execution

when I was on my usual LXD backed cloud… I did juju deploy spark-k8s … a single machine pops up… and then nothing inside it seems to happen… I guess I have never tried a k8s backed charm before… should I expect a warning or…?

I guess for now I will just… install the entire kubeflow bundle and see if I can learn from that… how to JUST get spark with k8s


Okay i just dove in with microk8s… and went straight to the kubeflow charm… so far so good