Question : how to find a charm that isn't "official"

I need to find an old charm that was based on the Fleio software. This charm was not official/stable yet, so it is impossible to find with the current search on It would have been searchable on the old website. How can I find it ?

You would have to ask the charm’s publisher. Unlisted charms are unlisted/unsearchable by design, so the only way to discover them is for the charm publisher to socialize their existence and name for people to be able to use it.

  • Daniel

Well this is really unfortunate, because I do not know the charm publisher. So I guess this is lost forever ?

One thing to try is googling for “fleio charm” I did so and ended up here; their install instructions show they hosted the charm on their own server and nothing there even suggests this was ever hosted on charm store.

Let me know if that’s the one you were looking for.

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel,

I appreciate your googling skills, but in the end my point is that it should be searchable in the store itself. Maybe after enough customer/user feedback the team will one day change their mind on this!

Have a good day, Camille

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I’ve had the same issue today when a potential customer asked about Anbox charms and I wasn’t able to find them in our charmhub even though we officially support them. If only there was a “–unnofficial” or “–unvetted” option to add to the search to see all of the charms. I know this would be a big help for users.

This problem affects our (field engineers) daily work, please please please add an option to show all possible bundles. Or at least an internal interface that we can use.

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After two years, we still suffer daily to find charms that are not listed. Unfortunately we use them a lot, it’s not like they are exceptions. Just try it with the watcher charm, which we are already selling to customers but it is still not visible.

We NEED an internal interface that will show all charms, or a checkbox for showing all in the normal interface.

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Has there been any movement on this? Hitting this right now.

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